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How Indow Windows Perform

Indow window inserts give you energy-saving insulation equivalent to double-pane windows, and they're even better at insulating sound. Plus, you don't have to worry about any lead contamination that can occur when your old windows are ripped out of the walls.

How Indow Windows Fit

Each Indow window insert is laser-measured and custom made to fit your window precisely, making them easier to use than storm windows. Read more about product options and our laser tailoring system.

Industry Best Practices

Our consultants' experience spans all industries, from manufacturing to service industries and more.

See How Indow Inserts Work

With Indow window inserts you don’t need to invest in new windows to attain comfort. Indow window inserts fit tightly into your existing window frames, blocking drafts and hot summer air. They also significantly reduce outside noise and help control light.

Indow insert provides an alternative to window replacement that makes your homes and businesses more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.


   Indow window insert benefits:

  • Efficient Window Inserts
  • Save Money on Utilities
  • Eliminate Drafts, Stay Warm
  • Reduce Noise,  Sleep Better
  • No Need to Replace Existing Windows
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Storm Window Inserts That Last

Our storm window inserts aren’t windows. They aren’t exterior storms or magnetic interior storm windows. Instead, they are custom-designed inserts that simply press into the interior of your existing window frames, with no hardware or mounting brackets required. This means they make your original windows perform like new, transforming them to meet your needs without the hefty cost of replacement windows.

Durable. Custom-made in the U.S. Easy to install. These are just a few of the many benefits our inserts offer. Our acrylic window inserts are edged with a soft silicone compression tubing that creates a tight seal. Laser measuring ensures they fit precisely and stay securely in place. Enjoy all the benefits of new windows, but with a simpler, custom-made solution!

Have Soundproofing Needs?

Are you struggling with outside noise from traffic or neighbors?  Here’s the simple, easy-to-install window noise reduction solution. Just press Indow inserts into your window frames – with no mounting bracket – and be amazed at the quiet you enjoy. You’ll sleep better, feel better and enjoy your space more. Noise reducing windows have never been so easy.


Indow inserts are the best way of Soundproofing your Windows

Indow's acrylic glazing edged in a patented silicone compression tubing that creates a tight seal and dead air space between the insert and your window. Anywhere air gets in, noise can too. To keep the noise outside, we ensure a precise, snug fit by custom making each acoustic window insert using our laser measuring system.

Want to know what it’s like living with noise-cancelling windows? Scott Sidler is a national blogger who tested out our inserts in his studio:

How much sound reduction can I expect?

Every grade of Indow window inserts reduces outside noise by at least 50% when placed over an operable single-pane window. The Acoustic Grade does an even better job, reducing noise by 70%.* (If you have double-pane windows, you must use Acoustic Grade for reducing noise.) They’re easy to install or remove and not only block outside noise, but also prevent inside noise from bothering your neighbors.

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Award-Winning Indow® Window Inserts

We are proud to offer ground-breaking, award-winning Indow® window inserts along the Colorado Front Range and the Denver area.

Indow® window inserts are similar to inside storm windows except they install easily without a mounting bracket.  These inserts can address climate, acoustical and privacy issues that are experienced in both residential and commercial settings.

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Solargreen’s mission is to help our customers stay comfortable and save money.

We're happy to offer Indow inserts along the Colorado's Front Range from Fort Collins to Castle Rock because they provide replacement window comfort and energy savings at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

Indow inserts also provide superior window noise reduction, outperforming many noise reduction windows.

If you are a Colorado Front Range resident looking for storm windows, consider Indow.

Indow storm window inserts are an interior storm window that are simpler, more attractive, and provide greater performance than traditional storm windows.

Indow window inserts also provide excellent window sound dampening. Learn more about Indow window noise reduction.

Indow’s elegant, sleek design has won recognition as a Top 10 Product of the Greenbuild Show by Dwell Magazine, and a 2014 Product of the Year award by Environmental Leader Magazine.

That’s just a sample of the many of the national accolades Indow has received. We're so happy to now offer them to you.


For more information on Indow Window inserts, visit the manufacture's website, containing a wealth of product information.